WPF and Charts

WPF and Charts

WPF ChartsEverybody knows that a picture is worth a thousand words! Charts are a popular medium of presenting data and results graphically and it becomes the responsibility of the developer teams to make use of the most suitable technology and chart type, which can be data bound to a variety of databases. When working with business applications, a major challenge is to present data in a graphical form that is accurate and easy to interpret.

Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) is a widely used popular .NET technology which can be used to create Rich UX experiences for the end-user. One of its useful graphical representation is the 2-D Shape API containing Rectangle, Ellipse, Line, Polyline, etc. using which graphical charts can be created. Also included is a variety of graphical representations based on the WPF graphical capabilities. Information Visualization is changing the way people look at data and in my view, it is going to play a key role in future.

SciChart is the UK leader and has on of the best WPF chart controls and WPF library. Charting controls are very useful for the one related to statistics and data handling. For this WPF toolkit can be used as it is free and open source, however is used by few because of its limited charting support.


Also to note is Silverlight (codenamed WPF/E) which is a cross-browser browser plugin which contains WPF-based technology (including XAML) that provides features such as video, vector graphics, and animations to multiple operating systems including Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Mac OS X.

A Home Loan Refinancing Opportunity?

Refinancing mortgage rates reached their lowest level ever recorded. What is bad is that many owners can not take advantage of this. Their home equity and credit scores may not allow them to refinance. Moreover, rigorous credit requirements doesn’t improve the situation. However, I note that high refinance mortgage applications shows that people find different ways to take advantage of the best rates. I advise you to check if you fall in this way to save revenue by home loan refinancing.

The best method is to first find out how much your home is worth in current market. The house prices decline have led to a negative equity. So there is a new method: using cash in refinance mortgages. In order to reduce monthly mortgage costs, owners could use their savings to make up the business of mortgage refinancing. This will help to recover in time their savings, and even increase them. Now I wonder if your house value is high enough to refinance, or you are ready to pull out of cash to access the needful payment level?

Next step is the visualization and verification of documents and your current home loan rate. Lower rates of recent times are favorable and brings a lot of benefits by refinancing only if the mortgage is older than a year. Your savings would be enough to pay for closing costs in a relatively short time, but this depends on the time you still want to spend in your home. Transformation of adjustable mortgage rates in some fixed, when they are quite low, may be considered as an additional motivation.

The credit rating is a factor that could hurt mortgage refinance rates which will be offered to you. . If you had many benefits that have registered a considerable growth of income primarily from the moment of obtaining the mortgage, you may be eligible at the moment for better rates. Otherwise, there is time to improve your credit score. However if you are very determined about refinancing, it would be better to put all documents in order. Be on your guard, because rates could rise again while you’re trying to upgrade your credit scores to touch better rates.

To ensure that you can really reduce the monthly expenses for mortgage, get the free Mortgage Refinance Quote! Our inability to predict the increase or decrease in rates, make us take advantage of every moment when the rates are very low. My advice is to get all the information possible about the choices you have, weigh them well, to finally make a realistic decision on mortgage refinancing. You can use online resources because nowadays is very easy for us to find our real situation about home loan refinancing.

Car Loan Amortization

Car loan amortization

Car loan amortization

Car Loan AmortizationTerms explained:
Amortization – the gradual reduction of a term debt by periodic payments enough to pay the interest and to eliminate the principal at maturity. The amount of periodic rates depends : on the principal, the interest rate and the length of time of the loan.

Amortization schedule – a table containing loan details . At  the beginning of the table we have the amount borrowed and  the time period of scheduled payments. This  amortization table will show each payment that has to be made with the amount that goes towards the principle being deducted from the loan every time. The amortization chart will then show the new balance after each payment you make.

Right now on the internet there are a lot of  websites that offers you loan payment schedules using free Excel templates you can download, or online calculators . For most of them you just enter the loan amount, the interest rate, the term of the loan, date of first payment, and the payment frequency. The spreadsheet makes all the calculations and you are able to search how making extra payments will affect your loan , when you can pay off the loan and the total interest that you pay. You can use this type of car loan amortization calculator to apply to consumer loans and home mortgages also.

Why You Should Know About Car Loan Amortization.

When you think about purchasing a car, doesn`t matter if it`s new or used, amortization will play an huge part in your loan. Car loans  are one of the most popular types of loans in the country and car loan amortization is really important to the process. This is the mean by which the car loan is broken into equal payments through the life of the loan. You can see the benefits of paying an extra payment towards your car loan. The more payments you make that go on the principal, the less the interest you will pay because the loan is paid back faster. Even one extra payment per year, that goes directly to the principal, allows  you to reduce the amount of interest you pay. And, more importantly get out of debt  much faster.

We took  a simplified example of a car loan amortization:

Auto Loan Amount – 15000.00
Auto Loan Term (in months) – 48
Interest Rate – 8%
Auto Loan Start Date – July 10, 2008
Monthly Auto Loan Payment – 366.19

This would mean  266.19 to your loan principal and 100.00 to your interest and your pay off date would be July 10, 2012, with a total interest paid over the life of the loan at 2577.30.

If you add one extra payment per year, on the anniversary date of the loan, your loan will be paid off 3 months earlier, in April 2012, with your total interest paid over the life of the loan at 2395.64.

It`s not just that you can save money by making that extra payment per the car loan amortization schedule, but with  an online amortization calculator you can also shop for car loans. Car loan companies will offer you a way to calculate amortization that is typical for their company and the amount you are going to borrow , which will be based on your credit score and will show you how much interest you`ll be paying over the life of the loan.

This process is important to the loan provider, because  it indicates to them exactly how much interest they can expect to earn each month, as well as when they can wait the loan to be paid completely. Car loan amortization offers companies and consumers the security and knowledge of set payments for the entire duration of the loan.

Some website car loan amortization calculators  offer you a way to quickly calculate lease and loan payments and compare the true overall cost of owning versus leasing. This will let  you to determine whether leasing truly is the better option even if the payment is much lower than borrowing. Car loan amortization plays an important role in your next purchase or lease, depending on your financial situation. The car loan amortization calculator I use is at bankrate.com , it’s free and it lets you enter unlimited variables and see exactly where you can save money.

Determine Your Monthly Loan Amortization

If you feel that your debt situation is taking over your life, you should know that there is a simple way out. Many of your options come from what the debt consolidation loans offer. This way you can manage better your debt situation and have a break from the daily loan problems.

If you think that a debt consolidation loan would be perfect for you at this moment, we offer the best way to find out if this is true. This best way is called a debt consolidation calculator that estimates your monthly amortization. Debt consolidation means taking out one loan to pay off many others. This is often done to secure a lower interest rate, secure a fixed interest rate or for the convenience of servicing only one loan. Debt consolidation very often involves a secured loan against an asset that serves as collateral, most commonly a house.

An amortization calculator is used to determine the periodic payment amount due on a loan, based on the amortization process. Many websites offer free calculator options, so this way you can get an answer to your problems in a very short time. It takes only a few minutes to calculate and the required information and data for this task you already have it at hand. So, to use an online debt consolidation calculator, you will need the following information:

  • The loan amount: You should estimate a figure that covers your debts. Figure out how much money you need. You can cover only one debt or all of them. Covering all your debts you can have a fresh start and have only one loan for the future.
  • The loan term: It depends of the amount borrowed, but in some cases you can choose the length of the loan. Debt consolidation loans can be offered anywhere from 10, 15, 20 or even 30 years. Even so, you must know that a longer term will result in lower monthly payments but higher accumulated interest. A short term can result in higher monthly payments, but you will have a lower interest rate and also a much faster debt payment.
  • Interest rate: The interest rate is the rate at which interest is paid by a borrower for the use of money that they borrow from a lender. You must ask about the interest rate the lending company, or you can search this information on the internet. You should also know that the interest rate varies depending on the amount and the loan term.
  • Start date: This is the date that you choose to make your monthly payments on. Once you have all this information typed in, just hit the “calculate” button to reveal the estimated monthly amortization for your loan. Use the mortgage loan calculator to experiment with different scenarios and develop a plan of action!

Refinance Second Mortgage

Refinance second mortgage

Refinance second mortgage

Obtaining a second mortgage on your house is a pretty expensive thing because you have to pay two separate loans instead of one. It will came to a point where you’ll be unable to pay these two loans. Under these conditions, the solution may be a viable second mortgage refinance. This means reduced monthly payments and / or extend the term of the loan. Before making a refinance on the second mortgage you must check your financial situation. You can get it if your credit is higher than when you made the loan. You may be offered at low interest rates, meaning lower monthly payments and a low pay for a certain time. You can use the second home loan refi if you bring some improvements to your home in order to lift its market value since interest is lower than your personal loan.

The mortgage refinance must be done when interest rates have discounted. This can bring benefits if you are in the situation of a second mortgage. If market interest is lower than current interest is a good time for you to refinance.  This will reduce the amount you have to pay at a fixed value per month.  If you purchased a capital for remodeling the house or setting up a business plan, your second home loan could be advantageous.

Before doing so, the value of the house should be reviewed by a professional, to determine all possible benefits from refinancing a second mortgage. You will have to pay a fee to the person who values the house, but taking into account long-term benefits, that fee will be negligible.

If your goal in refinancing is to reduce monthly expenses, then you shouldn’t apply refinance for your second mortgage. Even if you decide in such a situation to extend your loan period, you could end up paying much more in the longer term. Receiving the capital of your home, can bring finance for all your projects. This is possible only if you collect money for refinancing your second mortgage.

If you’ve already done this when you signed a loan for your second home, then you will have to pay more per month. You can also consider other factors such as bills of interest that you cannot perform in the absence of refinancing. I recommend you consider each factor as to preserve better your financial situation.

Recession Facts

Recession-FactsFor a long time we`ve been hearing about “recession“ on the US`s market, it is in the newspapers, the television news channels and the financial reports.We are always trying to stay informed about what is coming next regarding the recession. By definition, recession means the decline in Gross Domestic Product or GDP of two consecutive quarters of a country. As a definition, this would be ok, but if we want to know more, we need to understand what GDP means.

Gross Domestic Product is the total value of all final goods and services produced in an economy in a certain year, final goods that are not changed into other goods. Those get evaluated at their market value and this means that if the final value of the goods and services produced in a certain year go down for two consecutive trimesters the state will be decalred as beeing in recession. This cahnges are seen in industrial production, employment, real income, wholesales-retail sales and the real GDP in the economy.

If we search the data of NBER- National Bureau of Economic Research since 1945 have been ten recessions. From the middle 1940 until 2007, the media recession was arround 10 months, and the media for expansion was 57 months, with this we obtain a media businuess cycle of 67 months, that would be five years and 7 months. In the period we are talking about the smaller recession lasted just 6 months and it was from January to July 1980. There were also to long recessions, the longest, of 16 months each, the first one lasted from November 1973 to march 1975, and the second one from July 1981 to November 1982.

Recession Chart

The chart shows grey bars wherever the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) has concluded that the economy was in a recession.

It was quite a going down for the real GDP in both these recessions. Now, regarding the expansions, the shortest one was from April 1958 to April 1960 and the longest from march1991 to march 2001, this one has also set a record of 120 consecutive months of growth. Luckily, America had only two mild recessions consecutively and more extended periods of expansion during the past 25 years or more.

There are many different factors that can throw an economy into a state of recession, but the main factor that contributes most is the inflation. By definition, inflation is the condition of an economy when the prices of services and goods rise hugely over acertain period of time. Now the problem is that the higher the rate of inflation is, the smaller the percentage of goods and services buyed with the same amount of money is…This means that when the prices reach the higher level people will tend to save more money and limit their purchasing at the strictly necessary and the result reflects in the GDP going down.

The cause of inflation may be the increased costs of production, the higher energy costs and the national debt. All this force the companies to reduce their costs as well as releasing some workers from their functions and this brings a higher rate to the unemployment population.
Here we have made a list of factors that send any economy into recession:

  1. Credit crunch – the shortage of our finances
  2. Smaller house prices – which is related to the credit crunch and the shortage of mortgages
  3. Cost – push inflation to make the incomes smaller ad reduce the disposable income
  4. The collapse of confidence for the finance sector – that will cause a lower confidence in the real economy

Usually the recession brings allong all the major consequences that create the mutilation of the economy. Her biggest efect is the inflation, this is one of the factors that cause the recession but also a secundary effect of the recession. This means the products reach the higher prices and usually the people cut down their expenses; so inflation becomes a major effect of recession. Another effect of the recession in the economy is the lower income, this makes people cut down the costs, buy less products and reduce this way the income in economy, influencing this way the profits or no profits.

The next consquence we shoul talk about is the increasment in the mortgage rates, because the lenders will try to cover a part of their losses by increasing the mortage rates. Another target when the economy is under recession is the emplyment opportunities. The companies will try to reduce the costs, release some of the employees or all sometimes, and give this way a higher rate of uneplyment in the economy.

As a conclusion: when economy gets under recession firms profitabilty is going down. Here you have the reasons:

  1. Tendency for price wars to evolve in a recession, small sales encourage firms to cut prices
  2. Going down sales will conduce to lower revenues.

How to Get a Home Remortgage Loan

Home-remortgage-loan-300x263Many people think they can coalesce their liabilities by obtaining a remortgage loan. All debts and loans a person has can be merged into one single loan with a low rate record.

Important parts of Home Remortgage Loan:

To make a home remortgage, you must know exactly what debts may merge. Debt merging summarizes all liabilities, credit cards and loans that one has and all these will form a single loan insured by the real property. In many cases, the rate record will be quite small. The loan fits in terms of reimburse time period and rate record. All conditions involved before the home remortgage will no longer be legal. They will be conditioned by the situation in which a person will give up financing the debt merging.

A home remortgage loan may cost more money after a certain period of time. In most cases, payment of all debts can be done in a relatively short time. Interest rate may be lower, but they’re not the main item for refinancing the debt merging.  All the liabilities involved in previous loans, loan duration and the initial amount of money are taken as parts of refinancing the debt merging. So who wants to do a refinance, he must take into account all the things discussed above.