WPF and Charts

WPF and Charts

Everybody knows that a picture is worth a thousand words! Charts are a popular medium of presenting data and results graphically and it becomes the responsibility of the developer teams to make use of the most suitable technology and chart type, which can be data bound to a variety of databases. When working with business applications, a major challenge is to present data in a graphical form that is accurate and easy to interpret.

WPF Charts

Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) is a widely used popular .NET technology which can be used to create Rich UX experiences for the end-user. One of its useful graphical representation is the 2-D Shape API containing Rectangle, Ellipse, Line, Polyline, etc. using which graphical charts can be created. Also included is a variety of graphical representations based on the WPF graphical capabilities. Information Visualization is changing the way people look at data and in my view, it is going to play a key role in future.

SciChart is the UK leader and has on of the best WPF chart controls and WPF library. Charting controls are very useful for the one related to statistics and data handling. For this WPF toolkit can be used as it is free and open source, however is used by few because of its limited charting support.


Also to note is Silverlight (codenamed WPF/E) which is a cross-browser browser plugin which contains WPF-based technology (including XAML) that provides features such as video, vector graphics, and animations to multiple operating systems including Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Mac OS X.